The Man Behind It All

Deligah Grier

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Artist, Producer Creator and Host Of DAHGRILDER Podcast Show


About the Music

How They Got Here

Best known as a local Atlanta Rapper and Producer, DAHGRILDER Music and it's creator, Deligah developed DAHGRILDER Podcast Show in 2019. Influenced by the memory of his Mother and her passing. Deligah, became opinionated about his society, culture, and the misinformation being spread through mainstream Media. Taking those memories of homelessness, struggles and growing up in Atlanta and Columbus, GA as topical inspiration.

  After years in the music business Deligah pulled away from music all together only to return with a new found passion for Podcast Talk and continuing his love for music to engage, inspire, inform and motivate across the musical spectrum and world of Podcasting.

Deligah's signature style of Podcast Talk became synonymous with breaking the norm with a diverse collection of background music and compositions for podcast episode. This new style of Podcast Talk is on the rise, and nothing can stop the New Era Of Podcast Talk. 

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